So much noise…

Well, you can always edit /etc/default/motd-news file:

# Enable/disable the dynamic MOTD news service
# This is a useful way to provide dynamic, informative
# information pertinent to the users and administrators
# of the local system

# Configure the source of dynamic MOTD news
# White space separated list of 0 to many news services
# For security reasons, these must be https
# and have a valid certificate
# Canonical runs a service at, and you
# can easily run one too

# Specify the time in seconds, you're willing to wait for
# dynamic MOTD news
# Note that news messages are fetched in the background by
# a systemd timer, so this should never block boot or login

Just set ENABLED to 0.

Actually, this solution is pretty obvious — if the tweet author posted the very first lines of /etc/update-motd.d/50-motd-news code:

# Source the local configuration
[ -r /etc/default/motd-news ] && . /etc/default/motd-news

# Exit immediately, unless we're enabled
# This makes this script very easy to disable in /etc/default/motd-news configuration
[ "$ENABLED" = "1" ] || exit 0

Of course, a tweet with “shocking news” will get much more reactions 😉

motd-news author also explained this back in 2017.

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